Holistic sustainability —
More than just green

For us, sustainability means the holistic interplay of social, economic and ecological Aspects — from internal processes, our employees and the region to our customers. Every form of discussion takes place respectful, constructive and on equal footing instead of. Our goal is for Atelier Markgraph to operate, operate and operate in a sustainable manner increasingly sustainable measures and projects implements. We see our company as an actor that social responsibility takes over and gets involved in appropriate discourses — and has been doing so since 1986. We are working on an attitude that we want to promote with the aim of serious, authentic partner to be valued by employees, service providers, customers and institutions. We know that some of the changes will be exhausting, but we also know that our time requires them and that's the only way to get there successful in the long term can be.

Resonance chamber

1. Analyze and optimize business processes.

2. Motivate and activate employees.

3. Take responsibility.

4. Provide customers with sustainable advice.

our four pillars of sustainability

corporate culture

We involve our employees and actively motivate them to act sustainably in the form of pools of ideas and continuing education.

resource management

Internally: We reduce CO2-Emissions from business trips and energy consumption in the office. In addition, we minimize the consumption of office materials and rely on environmentally friendly products. We separate waste and prefer to obtain catering from regional suppliers.

Externally: We are in favour of using sustainable materials and think in cycles. A sustainable material library is currently being developed for this purpose.

Supply chain management

We obtain information about their CO from participating subcontractors2-Balance sheet, its handling of energy and waste management and compliance with
workers' and human rights.

Social commitment

We are committed to socially, economically and ecologically sustainable projects and actors in Frankfurt and beyond.

Our way of working

Sustainable process management


In addition to economic and ecological issues, social aspects also play a major role for us.


We are constantly optimizing our internal processes and making our project work increasingly sustainable.


These efforts are reflected in all departments and across all project phases.


All of our employees do their part to make the studio increasingly sustainable.

Our sustainable heroes

Sustainable knowledge

We provide strategic, content-related, structural and logistical advice to our clients in this dynamic subject area.

Portrait of Uta Brinksmeier

Uta Brinksmeier
Head of Luminous Green Initiative
ubrinksmeier [at] markgraph en