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“Let's get digital” is the current philosophy of brand managers and creative professionals. Of course, because in the digital world, there are many opportunities in the trend-setting customer approach: from data-based customer insights to the measurability of actions and the creation of an interactive community.


Our expertise ranges from single digital applications to hybrid experiences and integrated platforms.

Digital Tool

Hybrid Experience

Integrated Platform

structure of hybrid experiencesStructure of hybrid experiences

Hybrid experiences connect the digital with the analogue

In our projects we bridge interfaces. We create unique moments of shared experience. At the same time, we use digital technologies to accompany storytelling and bring people into contact with each other in a sustainable way.


Concept & Strategy  

Together with our customers we determine the goals to be achieved. In workshops, sprints and continuous project management, we develop the appropriate hybrid communication measures through to implementation. Since 1986 we have been developing tailor-made solutions for companies and cultural institutions - always in the context of the zeitgeist.

Content & Storytelling

The contents of the companies and their target groups are our top priority. We are experts in condensing complex topics and communicating them in a way that fits the core message. With a view to the best user experience, we invent innovative communication formats as well as rousing experiences that are fun and memorable.

Human-centred Design

User experience and user interface design influences our entire digital experience and our use of technology. When designing digital interfaces, we take the user’s perspective. In this way we develop easily accessible interfaces between man and machine - and ensure an intuitive customer journey.

Full-stack Creation

We master classic graphic and product design as well as digital services, UX and UI design. Our expertise lies in designing the interfaces between the real and virtual experience - from invitation management, event check-in to interactions, touch screens, apps or media LED displays. Building on our comprehensive design competence, we create tailor-made communication solutions with our customers.

Data Security & Data Protection

Company and private data are valuable and sensitive. In addition to the potential for evaluating communication measures and generating leads, compliance with data protection plays a central role. We design experiences that track KPIs, ensure an individual customer journey and at the same time comply with DSGVO regulations.

Collaboration & Consulting

Outstanding communication solutions are created through close cooperation and constructive exchange. We listen to our clients, specify questions and find unique experiences together, which leave a lasting impression and ideally match the goals of the client.

Customer benefits powered by technologies

In our conception the human being and his individual experience is at the centre of interest. With the help of innovative and suitable technologies we realise special moments that will be remembered for a long time.


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Whether digital, analogue or hybrid - we can plan your conference in terms of both content and technology and provide the appropriate platform for your event.

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Networking and matchmaking

With our digital networking solution, visitors attending your event can network with each other innovatively and securely - supplemented by intelligent matchmaking, your event will receive significant added value in relation to customers and competition.

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Customised content management systems

We are the right partner when it comes to communicating up-to-date information and implementing changes in real time.

Smart building & offices

We provide you with a one-stop service for the design of interiors, from a physical guidance system to the system design of the associated smart building application.

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Live stream & broadcast design

We help you to stand out from the competition with a high-quality and well thought-out set and on-air design for your broadcast - from professional moderator coaching to directing and editing.

AR and VR applications

Together we develop tailor-made AR and VR applications that visualise complex processes in a low-threshold manner and inspire your visitors.


Our agile project management reviews roles, processes and project plans from classic project management. The workshops and sprints take place in small, dynamic teams. Together with key stakeholders, we develop ideas, processes and finally customised concepts and prototypes - until the right solution is found and successfully implemented.

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Solution-oriented work

icon for taget definition

Quick achievement of objectives

icon for processes

Precise process structure

icon for co-creation

Interdisciplinary co-creating


Complex projects require agile structures, well networked
teams and interdisciplinary competence.

The “connected workflow” in our digital team ensures that
prototypes are quickly created, which can be tested and
optimised - right up to the final product.

3/4 Portrait of Christoph Diederichs

Christoph Diederichs
Head of Digital Platforms
cdiederichs [at] markgraph

3/4 Portrait of Sebastian Haase

Sebastian Haase
Technical Concepter
shaase [at] markgraph

Unser Netzwerk

Unser Netzwerk besteht aus spezialisierten Partnern für komplexe technologische und kreative Herausforderungen: Von Datenschutz-Anwälten über Social-Media-Experten, Creative Coder bis hin zu Instituten und Hochschulen rund um den Globus.


We are involved in the AI Frankfurt Rhein-Main e.V. The network consisting of entrepreneurs of the region sees itself as a think tank around artificial intelligence. The association is committed to an AI Summit and an AI Centre in the Rhein-Main area.

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