Visionary project in Sauerland: Markgraph develops interactive exhibition concept for Viega World


Frankfurt, April 5, 2023 - After more than four years of construction, Viega World, an innovative training center that combines knowledge, fascination and a holistic brand experience, opened in Attendorn at the end of January. The Frankfurt agency Atelier Markgraph conceived and realized the interactive exhibition concept, the exhibit development and the brand staging. The exhibition presents 90 exhibits and surprising insights that turn the building itself into educational content. A special highlight was created with a media experience space.

With numerous international visitors every year, Viega's training center in Attendorn, Sauerland, is one of the family company's central brand contact points. The global market leader for metal press systems is considered one of the most important technology leaders in the installation industry. Out of 23 seminar centers worldwide, the new training center in Attendorn has set out to set new standards for the entire industry. Atelier Markgraph was involved from the earliest planning phase and, as a leading partner, was entrusted with the overall staging of the training and brand content as well as the exhibition concept.

Interactive experience on 2,800 square meters of exhibition space

The result is a holistic interactive brand experience that offers far more than just a seminar center. Over 90 exhibits, structurally designed insights and a media experience space were created on a total of almost 2,800 square meters of exhibition space. The connecting element and literally the "pulse" of the building is an approx. 18 meter high sculpture with light pulses, made with Viega pipes, which extends over all three floors. Under the motto "making the hidden visible", the building reveals to visitors processes that normally take place unnoticed behind closed walls and floors: see-through recesses in the walls reveal the installation technology and show the "lifelines of the building" in daily use.

Digital twin of the building through BIM integration

Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows all building data to be visualized digitally. Together with RWTH Aachen University, Markgraph developed a way to integrate the entire exhibition planning into the BIM process.

In cooperation with the planning partners, this enabled a continuous exchange via a 3D model, which serves as a digital twin of the building and is visible in augmented reality exhibits and other digital applications.

Markgraph Managing Director Stefan Weil on the implementation of the large-scale project: "What was particularly appealing about Viega World for us was the enormous scope for co-design and the holistic task of being able to help develop not only individual exhibits, but the overall staging of the building from the very beginning. Rarely do we have the opportunity to contribute the full range of our expertise to projects in such a comprehensive and holistic way."

A beacon project for knowledge transfer

Viega World sets new standards for the entire industry and represents a new level of quality in knowledge transfer. With exhibits you can touch and see, the concept developed by Atelier Markgraph brings knowledge to life - exposed systems and digital models of the building illustrate processes and the smallest details that are otherwise hidden behind the wall.

In the end, Viega World is more than just a training center - it is a holistically staged brand space, a "heart of the brand", a place for knowledge, inspiration and fascination.


Client: Viega GmbH & Co. KG, Ennest

Concept, design, planning, realization, general contractor: Ate-lier Markgraph GmbH Frankfurt am Main

Exhibition construction, exhibits: metron eging GmbH, Eging am See

Graphic production: Stadelmayer Werbung GmbH, Kirchheim unter Teck

Visualization: MZ motion design GmbH, Stuttgart

Film production: Monomango GmbH, Berlin

Sound design: Klangerfinder GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart

Programming interactive stele: wirmachenbunt GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg

Signage system planning: sis | sign informations system GmbH, Hamburg

Video, audio and lighting technology: BeWunder GmbH, Berlin

Film documentation: Chris Gerster, Frankfurt am Main

Photo documentation: Kristof Lemp, Darmstadt

About Atelier Markgraph

Atelier Markgraph GmbH is an internationally active agency for planning, design and design services based in Frankfurt am Main. The company was founded in 1986 as an “agency for spatial communication” on Markgrafenstraße in Frankfurt am Main. Atelier Markgraph supports its clients from culture, business and science in creating immersive experiences.

In an open format, an interdisciplinary team of almost 75 people translates key topics and brand messages into tangible scenographies and spatial narratives that encourage discussion and dialogue.

Since the generational change in 2017, Lars Uwe Bleher, Tom Schubert and Stefan Weil have formed the management trio, which was expanded in 2023 by a management level consisting of Sebastian Bausch, Christoph Diederichs, Antonia Eisert, Sarah Rossbach and Jennifer Ussner.

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Tina Schneyer
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Mobil: +49 151 177 464 38

Atelier Markgraph GmbH
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Managing Directors: Lars Uwe Bleher, Tom Schubert, Stefan Weil

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