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We have many years of experience in designing TV studios. This expertise helps us design and implement compelling broadcast rooms and formats.

We advise on the selection of content and formats, supervise production and support cross-channel distribution. This is how we ensure appropriate and inspiring storytelling.

Individual, advisory, informative and interactive

We help you select and orchestrate the right speeches and plays.

Digital Tool

Hybrid Experience

Integrated Platform

On Demand
Video production + script
dissemination of information

Live/On Demand
Chat moderation + post-production
Personal dialogue
1:1 communication

Chat moderation + post-production
Sense of community
Exchange with others

From small to large — recognizable, scalable broadcast locations

It doesn't always have to be the corporate studio. Even in existing premises, convincing formats can be produced with little additional effort.

We organise the entire filming schedule and provide a sophisticated visual language — whether in the office, in the in-house studio or in a broadcast pop-up.

How we design and implement a multifunctional studio is easy to show on the basis of the media fan curve for the sports formats on Second German Television (ZDF).

Our competencies

Concept & Strategy

We are targeting the goal: In workshops, sprints and continuous project management, we develop the most suitable communication measures in continuous exchange.


Wir setzen Events erfolgreich um: Von einem nahtlosen Einladungsmanagement über die Auswahl der Streamingplattform und Konzeption der Interaktion bis hin zur Lead-Generierung – Wir betreuen die Formate von der Vorbereitung bis zur Verbreitung.

Content & storytelling

We tell the right stories: Our expertise ranges from researching suitable speakers and topics to editing the desired content.

Special Effects

We use innovative technologies: In order to make the invisible visible and to create a wow factor, we create mixed reality formats such as augmented and virtual reality.

Creative Assets

We create memorable designs: With corporate identity in mind, we create tailor-made assets such as Computer Generated Imagery (CGIs), motion design and graphics, as well as music composition and sound design.

Film production

We stage stories: Pictures say more than a thousand words. That is why we produce compelling moving image material that ideally supports key messages.

Our services & products

Modular broadcast rooms

Flexible and professional. We turn any location into a broadcast room. We design and implement solutions ranging from modular broadcast kits to studios with green screens.

Fascinating mixed realities

Innovative and immersive. We use mixed realities to make the invisible visible and transport the observer to new worlds.

Counseling and coaching

Wir beraten bei der Auswahl der geeigneten Plattform. Für die überzeugende Bühnenpräsenz coachen wir Expert*innen, Mitarbeiter*innen und Moderator*innen.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Let yourself be impressed by 30 frames per second. Get our showreel now.

Discover the options
The right format for every program

Our concept focuses on people and their individual experience. With the help of innovative and suitable technologies, we create special moments that will be remembered for a long time.

Tailored, authentic and interactive

From trailers to broadcasts.

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